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Logistics industry rocking it all-

Looking at the logistics industry growth people think of getting into it. In the early days, people used their legs, animals, local wooden vehicles, etc. to move places. Then the normal vehicles came and then they did it on their own but now there is a whole organization and a whole industry with wholesome of options for them. It was very tough earlier but now it is the easiest and the industry is drowning in profit. There are departments which have seen a lot of profit due to digitalization but they also have to pay and spend money in some sections like- investing in vehicles, staff, training, packing material, etc. but due to digitalization there is one additional charge added which is the delivery one and it varies according to different things and every group wants to go through a ongkir murah.

Those are-

  • Amount of goods carried
  • The number of vehicles.
  • Type of goods
  • Type of vehicles
  • Distance covered
  • Departure and Arrival place, etc.

All these matters because a local delivery won’t charge much but a long-distance one will do. If there are a greater number of vehicles then you need to pay separately for each one. So, sending the least vehicles may be profitable. Also, if light goods are there but acquire space then there is a loss but if heavy goods are there and less space is acquired then there is profit. So, if you want to have an ongkirmurah then keep these things in mind for your benefit.